Thursday, September 20, 2012


     We all talk to ourselves from time to time.  When you make a mistake or do something dumb or silly, you berate yourself or laugh at yourself.  Do you ever rant and rave about what is happening to you?
     These days do you find that you are talking to yourself more often?  When things aren’t going right, I too start beating myself up with negative talk.  Sometimes I talk to myself out loud.  If anyone heard me they would think I had gone off the deep end.  When I’m really angry I talk to myself a lot.  Since I can’t complain to the person I’m caring for, I complain to myself.  Usually I’m voicing things that i would like to say, but don’t allow myself to for fear of hurting someone’s feelings.
     Pay attention to your inner words and avoid being too critical of yourself.  You are doing a wonderful job, even when no one bothers to praise your efforts.  When you are too critical of yourself you can become depressed.
     You start doubting yourself and thinking that you should have handled an incident differently or that you are to impatient.  When you are trying your best, but can’t meet everyone’s expectations, it is bound to cause you discomfort.  You begin to doubt your ability and coping skills.  You are constantly giving to others, but you never feel like you are doing enough.  You begin to feel that your efforts fall short---maybe you are not up to the job.  Don’t give in to those doubts and start criticizing yourself.  Stay as positive as you can.  These feelings will pass.

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  1. Thanks for this sprinkling of wisdom. We are all in the same boat. We all have moments when we feel like slugs, when we should be feeling like...what we are... butterflies. Thanks for sharing. I've just joined your wonderful blog. Blessings!