Sunday, September 16, 2012


     Have you ever gotten up and felt wonderful?  The birds are singing, the sun is shining and the world is beautiful.  Then you meet someone who is in a grumpy mood and who can’t see the beauty of the morning.  They might make a remark that angers you and by the time you get to work, your mood has changed and you are ready to bark at everyone.  It is funny how someone else’s bad mood can be contagious.  You start out happy and end up wanting to kick the cat.
     I have learned to pity those grumpy people I meet, but I won’t let them ruin my day.  Instead of taking on their mood, I try to coax them out of their bad mood with a little humor or perhaps just by listening to their problems.  Sometimes my approach works and they begin to look at things differently.  At least it is worth a try.  After all, we all need help once in a while.
     When you are beset with worry and stress, it is hard to remain upbeat.  How do you stay positive in stressful situations?  No matter how difficult the situation.  I try to find the good in everything.  There is always something hopeful in every ordeal, even if it only serves to bring you closer to your family.
      How can you count your blessings when you’re miserable and worried?  Naturally, it is difficult, but you can do it if you try.  Seek inspirational books or tapes and surround yourself with caring optimistic friends.  Find a friend who will listen while you blow off steam.  Sometimes you’ll discover that all you need is someone to listen Someone with a smile.
     Have you every known someone who is always smiling, always upbeat?  They are a pleasure to work with and they make you feel good, even when you are down.  So why aren’t we all like that?  It would make life so much more enjoyable.
     It appears that this type of person most often gets wheat they want---or is it that they just want what they get?

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