Friday, September 14, 2012



We live with words every day.  We have words for everything, but, there is one word that is the most important word of all.
     The word is attitude!  The way you look at life.  Everything I have learned about attitude proves that it is one of the most important keys for a healthy and productive life.  Without a good attitude, nothing seems to go right.
     “If you have a good attitude good things seem to come to you, if you have a great attitude, great things happen, and if you have a so-so attitude, your world will be just so-so.” So said Earl Nightingale, one of the my favorite motivational speakers, on his Nightingale/Conant Insight tapes.  He also said the following:
     “How is your attitude?  Here is a way to find out just how your attitude is.  Answer this question with a yes or no. ‘Do you feel the world is treating you well?”
     “If you answer yes without hesitation, your attitude is good.  If you answer no, your attitude is bad.  If you can’t really answer yes or no, you are average.
     “Our world is a reflection of our attitude.  It’s up to you.”
     I feel that Mr. Nightingale hit the nail right on the head.
     It will help if you can keep a positive attitude.  It has been said that “Attitude is everything!”  I feel that is a true statement.  It is our perception of a situation that makes it positive or negative.  When a situation arises that takes control of your life and your patient’s life, it upsets the balance of things.  If you perceive it as negative your muscles will tense, you will get a headache, a backache, shortness of breath, and a racing heart.
     If you perceive a situation as positive you will relax and go with the the flow, with no bad experiences.  It is far easier on the body and the mind to keep a positive attitude.  Work around problems and sometimes it works out better in the long run.  Don’t sweat the little things.  As they say, “They are all little things.”


  1. Good points! Attitude is everything.

    1. Thank you Karen...yes, it does make a big difference.