Thursday, September 22, 2011


     I have many requests to give more information on caregiving, since I wrote a book on the subject.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to blog my book so everybody who needs the information can simply read my book.  I enjoy sharing information about caregiving and hope that the people who need it will read my book online.
     A chapter or more will be posted each week, as time will allow.  The name of my book is
                             “What to do When Mom Moves In”  
                                         Ideas To Make It Easier
     This book was written while my husband was in the hospital for eight months with peritonitis, due to End Stage Renal failure.   All of it is true...I lived it!  I learned so much about  how to care for others in my home.  But most of all, I learned a lot about myself.
     My loved ones came into my home for care.  First was my father-in-law with a heart attack, and then my mother-in-law with emphysema, next my father with colon cancer, and then my mother with congestive heart failure, and my husband on dialysis, at the same time.  It spanned a fifteen year period and it was the most challenging thing I had to face in my life.    
     My book offers help for the first-time caregiver, who may be overwhelmed by the task at hand.  It will cover:
          How to overcome the resentment of caregiving.
          How to locate other caregivers to share experiences.
          How to give a bed bath without embarrassing anyone.
          How to prepare for an emergency at home.
          How to choose a nursing home that is not a warehouse for the dying.
          How to keep a positive attitude in a frequently trying environment.
     The book will help you get through the time you spend helping your loved ones, and learn more about them in the process.  It will bring you closer to your loved one, closer than you have ever been before.  Read and enjoy.
     “Taking care of our elders is a privilege.  It is a redemption of their love, and a lesson for the heart.”
Betty Kuhn

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