Thursday, August 18, 2011


     We are moving to California, now that my husband is getting better.  It means that I will have to do all the driving, but I don’t mind.  
     First we are going to Oregon for a Birthday Party...Mine.  I will turn 80 this year and my husband prepared a lovely party at my favorite hotel in my home town.  All my friends will be there for cocktails and dinner.  I can hardly wait for the day we leave.  The moving van will be here next week and we will be on our way.  
     After the party, and a little rest, we will be driving to San Jose, CA which will be our permanent home.  It is so beautiful there, warm, sunny every day, and very little rain in the summer months, but a lot of rain in the winter.  We are just an hour away from San Francisco, so we drive up there often to enjoy the sights.  I can hardly wait to get home again.
     Our trip to see my grandson’s graduation turned into a seven week stay in the hospital for my husband, but all is well, and so is he.  
     The VA hospital did a wonderful job of caring for my husband in Intensive Care.l  Those nurses were Everyday Angels, as they looked after him for three weeks.  I can’t say enough nice things about the Veterans is fantastic.
     The next three weeks were at Promise Rehabilitation Hospital, where they got him back on his feet.
     We have put our home, in Utah, on the market for a very low price, hoping to sell it fast.  The Real Estate agent is showing it tonight for the first time.  Sure hope it sells.  It gets very expensive keeping up two homes, both in Utah and California.  But if it is meant to be, we will sell it.
     The people are knocking on the door right now, so I will cut this short and write more later.  Wish us luck!

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