Monday, March 28, 2011


     Writing this column has many advantages.  I have made so many new friends of some of our readers, and a blast from the past, as an old friend contacted me.     
     Friendship is something that is very precious to each of us.  We have longtime childhood friends and new ones, who we are just cultivating.  
     Friends are there for you, no matter what.  They stand by you through the peaks and the valleys of life.  When you are in the depths of despair, your friend will reach down, take your hand, and lead you back.  But, how often do you let your friends know just how much they mean to you.  
     Friendships are like beautiful flowers in a garden, they need loving care or they die.  How long has it been since you reached out to a friend from the past, someone that you have lost touch with over the years?
     I often wondered about an old friend who used to own the Desert Lanes, way back in the ‘60’s, I think it was.  His name is Harland Garriott, a man I will never forget.  He was a handsome devil, with a great sense of humor and always ready to help.  Of course, he was a very good bowler, but even better than that he was a good friend.  
     I lost touch with Harland when he sold the lanes and moved away.  I didn’t know where he went, but that didn’t stop me from thinking about him now and then.  My husband and I used to talk about Harland often and wondered what he was doing.  We questioned whether he got married and finally settled down.
     Perhaps I will find out about my old buddy, because he happened to read my column in the East Oregonian and e-mailed me the other day.  What a surprise that was.  I ran across a picture of my old bowling team last week, which brought him to mind, and it wasn’t two days later that his e-mail arrived.  Now, is that mental telepathy or what?  I wrote back to find out where he lived so we could connect again, but I haven’t heard from him yet.  I hope I do.  I would like to know if he has had a good life, as I have.
     Old friends are wonderful and comfortable, but new friends are extra special as well.  I recently made a new friend of one of our readers when she called to invite me to a recital in Pendleton.  We met for a salad before the recital, our first meeting, although we have talked on the phone a few times.  
     It is exciting to make new friends, especially when you have something in common.  Our love of music and art gave us a place to begin our friendship.  
     The minute I saw Calista Hutchinson enter the restaurant I just knew she had to be an artistic person.  Cally, as her friends call her, looked as I imagined she would.  She was tall and beautiful, with a casual hair-do that framed her tanned face and twinkling eyes.  She was dressed in a stylish, peach sweater that lay softly over a long flowing skirt that fell to her ankles.  She wore large silver hoop earrings, that matched her hair, and bracelets that jingled as she moved.  Cally is definitely a woman that I will enjoy getting to know.
      I do love writing this column!  There are so many wonderful percs that go with it, and I found two of them this month with a voice from the past, and the chance to meet a lovely new friend.  Isn’t life great!          

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