Monday, July 9, 2012


     Mail is an important link to the outside world for a shut-in.  Letters mean a lot to someone who is housebound.  If you’ve ever been hospitalized or ill, remember how important cards were to you.  Imagine how small the world seems if you were shut in the house with no one to talk to but your family and you seldom saw anyone else.  Pretty lonesome.  That’s when cards and calls from family and friends are really important.
     With this in mind, I called some of my mother-in-law’s relatives, asking that they send cards or letters on a regular basis.  When the mail began to arrive, she perked up like she had won a million dollars.  I realized how lonely she really was.
     We went to work each day and had the opportunity to see and talk with other people, but she saw very few people.  Some of her friends came by to see her, but it wasn’t long before they stopped.
     My mother and father lived next door by now, and Mom would come over each day for coffee, to spend a little time crocheting and talking with my mother-in-law.  It was great for both of them, since they enjoyed each other’s company.  Our parents had been friends for a long time, even before Wayne and I met.  When my mother started coming over every day, his mother became much easier to handle.  She had something to look forward to.  It is a little thing, having a visitor, but when you are lonely and ill it means the world to you.  It is a link to the outside world, a world that you don’t get to see except through the window.

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